Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christine Chou - Fitness Beauty

Christine Chou - Fitness Beauty

This beautiful young lady is fitness model and fitness competitor Christine Chou from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
She is just another example of proof to me that Canada is trying to take over the world with beautiful women.

But getting away from my ramblings, Christine has a very good contest history so far....

Fame Canadian Nationals 2009 -2nd Place Figure and 4th Muscle Model
Sandra Wickham Fall Classic 2009 -2nd Place Figure Tall
WBFF BC Championships 2010 -3rd Place Figure Tall, 2nd Figure Masters and 4th Fitness Diva
WBFF BC Championships 2011 -3rd Place Figure Tall, 5th Fitness Diva and 5th Figure Tall Masters
BC Provincials 2011 -3rd Place Figure Tall and 3rd Figure Tall Masters
Canadian Nationals 2011 -1st Place Figure Tall Masters

Christine Chou - Fitness Beauty

You can follow Christine on her Twitter account here:
And her Facebook page here:

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