Friday, September 26, 2014

Lori Harder - Female Fitness

It's not been that long since I did anything on Lori Harder, but she is hands down the most popular fitness model here on this blog.
It seems that everyone is quite taken with her, taken enough to make her entry back in January the most popular one all the way here in September.
So here is some more of this lovely lady....

Lori Harder-female fitness models-fitness women

Lori Harder-fitness models-fitness models female

Lori Harder-female fitness-female fitness model

And like I said last time, you can keep up with Lori on her Twitter account:
Her own website:
Or here on her Facebook page:

Sunday, September 21, 2014

IFBB Bikini Pro Dayna Maleton - Female Fitness Models

This is five foot two, 106 pound IFBB Bikini Pro Dayna Maleton.
Besides being a Bikini Pro, she is also a fitness model and a makeup artist.
She turned Pro in 2010 and has been very busy competing as you can see...

Dayna Maleton-female fitness models-female fitness-fitness models-fitness women
2010 IFBB Europa Super Show-6th
2010 IFBB Jacksonville Pro-16th
2010 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding & Bikini Championships-9th
2011 IFBB Europa Super Show, Dallas-11th
2011 IFBB Jacksonville Pro-10th
2011 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships-8th
2011 IFBB Europa Show of Champions, Orlando-4th
2012 IFBB Olympia Weekend-16th
2012 IFBB St. Louis Pro Bikini-3rd
2012 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro-4th
2012 IFBB Los Angeles Grand Prix Pro Bikini-4th
2012 IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro-4th
2012 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow-4th
2013 IFBB Tijuana Pro Show-3rd
2013 IFBB Iowa Pro-3rd
2013 IFBB Houston Pro-3rd
2013 IFBB New York Pro-6th
2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend-16th
2014 IFBB Prestige Crystal Cup-5th
2014 IFBB Europa Dallas-4th
2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando-4th

Dayna Maleton-female fitness models-female fitness-fitness models

VERY Busy!

You can keep up with Dayna at her facebook page:
Or her Instagram account:

Dayna Maleton-female fitness models-female fitness

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