Friday, January 2, 2015

Rebekah Kresila - Asian Fitness Models

Now for something a bit different.
I usually don't do female bodybuilders here, well I have, but not usually.
But hey, it's a new year right?
So this is a fitness model, personal trainer, female bodybuilder and trained classical pianist, Rebekah Kresila.
Besides all that she also arm wrestles and just plain wrestles.

Rebekah Kresila - Asian Fitness Models

You can see more of Rebekah and other Asian fitness models here:

Rebekah Kresila-asian female fitness models-asian female fitness model

Rebekah Kresila-asian female bodybuilders-asian fitness


Lyolya Blokhina - Female Fitness Models

This gorgeous redhead is Russian fitness star Lyolya Blokhina.
Sorry, but that is about all I know about her.
Other than that "gorgeous" thing I mentioned earlier.

Lyolya Blokhina - Female Fitness Models

I really don't like to throw the word "perfect" around a lot.
But c'mon people.
She has got to be close.

Lyolya Blokhina - female fitness

Lyolya Blokhina - fitness

Lyolya Blokhina - fitness beauties

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