Saturday, January 9, 2016

Over 40 Female Fitness Models

Most of the fitness models that I do here are young up and coming stars.
But there are some up and coming stars that aren't in the 20s.
These ladies are in their 40s (and up) and look just as good as some of the new girls.
So here are just a few of the female fitness models and competitors that are on the other side of 40.....

Kelle Lease
Kelle Lease - 59

Joan Stewart-Ponath
Joan Stewart-Ponath - 49

Sici Weinstock-Over 40 Female Fitness Models
Sici Weinstock - 42

Laura London - Over 40 Female Fitness Models
Laura London - 43

Gina Ostarly - Over 40 Female Fitness Models
Gina Ostarly - 47

Janet Lynn West - 54
 Janet Lynn West - 54

Ava Cowan - 42


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