Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lindsey Renee - Female Fitness

This gorgeous young lady is NPC Bikini athlete Lindsey Renee.
Besides being a NPC Bikini Competitor, she is also a sponsored and endorsed athlete by Optimum Nutrition/ABB performance, Redzonesupps and writes at
If you go to her page there,, you will see just why this lovely young lady is as driven as she is.

Lindsey Renee - Fitness Beauty

Her story growing up is both beautiful and tragic, and it forged her into what she is today.
You can tell this lady is not all show and no go by the definition she has.
Not your usual Bikini Competitor.
I think she is well worth watching.

Lindsey Renee - Fitness Beauty

You can find out more about Lindsay and keep up with her at her Facebook page:
And her Twitter account...

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