Monday, May 19, 2014

Susanna Tirpak - Female Fitness Models

This is IFBB athlete Susanna Tirpak from Budapest, Hungary.
Susanna is one of those girls where when I saw her I just went, "Wow."
Every now and then you see one with a certain "something".
Well Susanna is one of those.

Susanna Tirpak - Female Fitness Models

You can keep up with Susanna at her Facebook page here:

Susanna Tirpak-female fitness model-fitness women

Here is another photo of Susanna taken by Fitness Fotózás, Végh Zoltán Fotó

Timea Gagos (L) vs Susanna Tirpak (R)

 Timea Gagos (on the left) vs Susanna Tirpak (on the right)

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