Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sarah Backman - Swedish Armwrestling Champion

This is 21 year old, 8 time World Armwrestling Champion Sarah Bäckman.When she is not crushing the competition at the table, she is Gladiator "Spirit" on the TV-show "Gladiatorerna" which is the Swedish version of American Gladiators.
(Cecilia Benjaminson was also a Gladiator on the show which leads me to believe there may be a "Gladiatorerna" write up coming soon)
And she is also a personal trainer.

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Sarah started armwrestling when she was 14, and since then she has been the European Champion 8 times, the Swedish Champion 11 times and as I mentioned before, World Champion 8 times.
Oh yeah...did I mention that she is drop dead gorgeous?
She's five foot seven, she weights 160-165 pounds and in case you are wondering...she says her hair is around 47 inches long.

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You can check out her Facebook page here

Sarah Backman - Swedish Armwrestling Champion

It looks like Sarah is not going to be a WWE Diva after all.
But, on June 27th, 2014, she did marry WWE Superstar Bo Dallas.
So she will be around.

Sarah Backman - Swedish Armwrestling Champion

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